What is Key Holding?

Our Key Holding Service is pure peace of mind. It started as a result of the demand from our clients who needed assistance with the running of their home, and who spend time away from their Malta property.

Many of our clients enjoy the reassurance that their property is being well cared for while they are away and is also ready for them when they arrive back, without incurring the significant costs of engaging a full-time housekeeper.


The benefits of our Key Holding Service include:

Carrying out routine inspections of your property, ensuring you are compliant with your insurers, reporting back to you regularly and fixing any problems as they should arise.

A 24-hour alarm response and key holding service for access day and night in case of any emergencies and maintenance works required outside of normal working hours.

Access to our trusted network of carefully selected, reliable and cost-effective suppliers to work with. We can arrange contractors and engineer visits, such as plumbers and electricians on your behalf.

Acting as your point of contact for porters and agents, collecting and forwarding mail, pay bills and ensuring that any service charges are made on time.

There’s no place like home and we’ll make sure that when you arrive back it is ready and waiting for you, exactly as you’d like it. We can arrange cleaning and turning heating / AC, fill your kitchen with your favourite groceries and we can even prepare a bouquet of fresh flowers for you. We can also arrange a variety of other services to suit you such as laundry collection, property refurbishment and housekeeping services.



  • Our staff inspect your property on a regular basis to ensure that your property is well looked after.
  • Keys to your apartment will be kept for safekeeping at our offices and any key transaction is logged by our staff for you to keep track of movements.
  • We also supply access transaction logs when electronic access systems are installed.
  • We pay any property related bills on your behalf as instructed by you and report this to you on a regular basis. These may include water & electricity, telephone and internet services, condominium contributions, etc.
  • We will ensure the property is maintained in a satisfactory condition and we will recommend any works we feel are necessary. Where major works are to be carried out, we will obtain various quotations and ask you for approval before commencing works. We also provide an array of maintenance services.
  • Any mail received will be safeguarded against loss or damage in the way we keep it our custody, make it available for collection by you or by your representative and when requested we can forward it to you in any place in the world.
  • Our cleaning staff will regularly clean your property to keep it in a good state and will deep clean every corner prior your arrival.
  • Prepare a list of your favourite groceries for you so your kitchen will be well stocked for you.


Our bespoke long let management service offers you convenience and peace of mind